Please call or email today with any questions you may have. We are here and happy to help. Answers to some common questions can be found below:

Is there such a thing as a small access control system?

Yes, access control can be as small as one entry door or even a cabinet door.

Are there products to help hearing impaired people?

Yes, many devices are made to provide access to all people no matter what their limitations are.

Can I monitor my system without phone lines?

Yes, there are many options including cell and Internet connections.

Can I retrofit an intercom system without replacing all of the wires?

Yes, this is possible. There are many options that can be considered. As little as two conductors can be used for some systems.

Do all apartment buildings need a fire alarm system?

No, this depends on the size of the building and the number of occupants.

Are all CCTV systems the same?

No picture quality is based on many variables. Which image do you prefer? The first one or the second one?


Do all security systems have false alarms?

No, a quality installed and serviced system has a minimal amount of false alarms, if any.

Can a smoke alarm in an apartment be monitored for removal or battery loss?

Yes, we can provide a system which will sound an alarm and if any device is tampered with.

Is a fire alarm system required in all buildings?

No, we can assist with compliance with various code requirements.