Protect Your Sensitive Assets with Our Access Control Systems

With Guardian Systems of Maine, you can determine access to sensitive documents, data and restricted areas of your business with our secured access control systems. We offer a wide variety of options ranging from key card entry to biometric authentication to ID badge printing that can be seamlessly integrated into your security infrastructure. Protect yourself, your employees and your clients from risk and liability with our cutting-edge security solutions!

Computerized Control of Workplace Traffic

Guardian Systems of Maine gives you complete control to decide who has access to what areas in your business. Our smart computerized control systems give you the power to segment your workforce by clearance level, facilitating free-yet-secure movement through lower-level areas while restricting access to your most sensitive assets. Moreover, your staff will appreciate the sense of personal safety that comes with strictly controlled entry to their workplace.

Industry-Compliant Record Keeping

One of the primary reasons that businesses opt for high-tech access control systems is to comply with security requirements set by their industries. Our access terminals provide you with a timestamped record of everyone who enters or exits your facilities or restricted areas. With this data at your fingertips, you can provide assurance to your clients that their private information is completely safe with you.

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