Commercial Systems Integration

Guardian Systems of Maine is proud to offer the most comprehensive security systems integration services for businesses in and around Portland. We are dedicated to protecting the safety of your property and personnel, so we leverage our considerable experience and expertise to tailor all-in-one safety solutions that fit the unique needs of your facilities.

Certified Service Professionals

We have built up a reputation as regional industry leaders after years of applying our knowledge and skills to address various security risks posed to local businesses. Our experience installing and maintaining fire detection, alarm and voice evacuation, CCTV surveillance systems, environmental hazard alert systems and computerized access control systems has naturally lead us to develop a more comprehensive package for clients seeking total security from risk and liability. In our industry there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and our NICET-accredited and Maine-licensed security professionals will carefully assess your needs before making any recommendations on how best to complement and enhance your existing infrastructure.

Safety Systems Made Easy

The primary advantage of having Guardian Systems of Maine integrate your various security measures into one integrated system is the ease of use. Everything from your CCTV cameras to your environmental hazards detectors can be effectively managed and monitored from a single station, putting the safety of your workplace squarely in your hands. With a full systems integration, we empower you to take control of your security without breaking the bank.

Looking for a comprehensive upgrade to your company’s security system? Call us today at 207-536-4800!