Protect Your Workforce from Environmental Hazards

Guardian Systems of Maine specializes in protecting your building’s occupants from the host of environmental hazards that can arise on nearly any property. It is vital to have a system in place to alert you of visible and invisible environmental threats. There are also situations where rapid temperature changes can pose an immediate risk to everyone in the building. In all cases, grievous harm can be avoided with early detection solutions provided by Guardian Systems of Maine. We offer alarm systems for:

  • Flooding
  • High/Low Temperature
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Monitor Systems
  • And More!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

As a business owner, you’re used to taking calculated risks. However, gambling with the safety of your employees and customers is a surefire way to end up liable for damages or worse. Don’t leave it up to chance, call Guardian Systems of Maine to install and maintain an effective early warning system for environmental hazards on your property today! Our solutions are guaranteed effective, and our experienced Maine-licensed technicians provide exemplary service and the highest quality systems in Maine.

Invest in Your Protection

The safety of your personnel is well worth the investment into taking preventative measures against environmental hazards like gasses, mold and flooding. Guardian Systems of Maine is well equipped to assess the needs of your building, and make in-depth recommendations for cost-effective solutions. Of course, our consultations are always free of charge and obligation alike, serving to educate you about the realities of your situation and to plainly enumerate the costs involved (and not a penny more!). We prefer to build relationships rather than simply making another sale, so we’re invested in earning your trust and empowering you to make your own decisions on how to proceed.

Get early warning against carbon monoxide, mold and other hazards by calling 207-536-4800!